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There seems to be some confusion on the internet about some 'A' class vehicles fitted with the external door seals.

Some owners have said that their vehicle can leak when using over the cab door type mountings.

We have discovered over the last few years, that at least two major motorhome manufacturers (each using cab doors with external seals) are now fitting over the door rain channels (and in the case of one manufacturer, over the cab window opposite also).

Even in the last week (mid November 2015) we have seen an on display 2016 A Class vehicle (equipped with exterior door seals as standard) with some water ingress into the cab door step well.

What you have to remember is that silver screens, is now a generic term for anything silver fitted onto motorhome cab windows, no matter how poor!

Our genuine 'Silver Screens', when fitted correctly (ie. door properly closed) do not cause leakage!

All our Products come with a 14 day 'take it and try it' period, during which time a sensible buyer would surely try the hose pipe test as shown in the Customer provided video below.

'A' Class hose pipe water test on a       vehicle with external door seal.
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