Rapido 'A' class vehicle comformation & fitting instructions
Rapido 'A' class 2004 to 2006 (Mercedes or Fiat 2.8 engine)
and/or 2007 to 2009 (Fiat and Mercedes)
standard full side sliding window
Rapido 'A' class 2009 -2010 (Mercedes base)
sliding window within the window
Latest Rapido 2011-on (Fiat & Mercedes base)
sliding window within the window
Rapido 'A' class (above photo B & C) fitting instructions
Dont stick the suckers to the glass just yet!....place the flap over the edge of the glass leaving 1" or so, like in the pictures below.
Now close the sliding window glass trapping the flap, after the glass is closed and the catch is locked in position, pull the flap at the top and bottom (pictures below) to take up any excess material, this will pull the outer edge into the sliding window recess.
Now you can stick the suckers to the glass.
Finally tuck the material on the sliding window side into the recess (3 pictures below)