We are often asked why our website does not show prices?
               This is because we have over 150 different patterns,
                         each with various options and upgrades.

   Currently our prices range from 49 for internal rear door pad sets.
                                     59 for bonnet Extenders.
                                 49 - 69 for Priva-see panels.
     (9 off Panels when bought with a new insulated Silver Screen)

      Insulated Silver screens for standard Steel cab type vehicles
                     from 149 - 229 (including Para-gon XL)

         Insulated Silver screens for 'A' class vehicles from 229 - 329

    For quotations in writing please fill in the contact form, or for a           

                            Regards The Silver Screens Team.

                                       Please note: prices can change at anytime without prior notice

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verbal quote, just give us a call on 01274 872151 (office hours)